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24/7 Help, wherever you are in the world

In the course of a week’s work I chat with many fearful flyers, answering questions, giving support or motivating someone  sitting in a departure lounge.  There are no flying without fearother websites where you can get this sort of  free help. Please spread the word about us so that we can build an even bigger  community to help people where ever they are in the world.

Here’s a brief chat I had  this week


Dear Captain Keith,

I’ve been preparing (with a couple of successful domestic flights, and reading your book, even seeing Dr Alison Smith) for a big flight (my first for years on the trip of my life) with BA on a 777 (- honestly completely biased by your reassuring experience!! -) to London, on Wednesday.

I appreciated your email about the Asiana incident, and have taken note to wait for the official findings, and to plan for emergencies. However I wonder if you had any additional reassuring words? I guess I just hope BA doesn’t allow trainee pilots to land planes, and that there is no reason to avoid 777.

I imagine you being inundated, but I’m sure we are all keen for additional guidance.

With kind regards,

XXX   Sydney


I replied


Certainly no reason to avoid the 777. All airlines have to train their co-pilots almost to the standard of the captain … there is no reason at all that they can’t  fly the plane as well as the captain. Please don’t be anxious about the things you mention … there is no need.

He/She replied

Dear Captain Keith,
Thanks so much for your quick reply. I went ahead and checked in today, and feel well informed about how to do my best in the unlikely event of an emergency. I might feel frightened but on an uneventful flight I realise I’m in no danger.
Kindest regards and thanks for your words

I answered:

Have a good flight and stay in touch. If you need help just call or email.



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