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Terror in the Skies

Lat month a member of the fear of flying community (Logbook24/7) wrote to me  about a forthcoming television programme. Another air disaster programme I thought but promised to watch and comment.

It wasn’t exactly air disaster  but neither was it very informative, or not to me at least. What I notice in these TV programmes is a bloated use of the language … nothing is normal or expected it’s all ‘out of the blue’ and  emotive. Even the professor presenting the show gave out a shriek of boyhood delight when a battery caught fire after it had been heated by a  welders torch.

What did anyone expect when you apply a light to something … it catches fire. Not exactly rocket science. So after that sort of banal experiment complete with white coats and protective glass screens we’re taken on to a plane as if there’s some correlation between these things.

Then we’re treated to a flight from China to London where the temperature  plunged to -65 degrees. Well you wanna know something? If you go that high the temperature will drop to -65 degrees. It’ll do that at a rate of about 1.98 degrees per thousand feet increase in altitude. That’s a fact, whereas  plunging is not a fact, it’s not relevant  and it’s pure journalistic sensationalism.

I almost forgot there were taped interviews with people who thought they might die … they were upset. Few people seemed so convinced that they were going to die that  they gave 100% concentration on the safety procedures … preferring  to video the action on their phones.


The only benefit the programme had was to persuade me to write this blog  and add to it that my suggestion is that  if you find yourself in the position of having to evacuate an aircraft  DO NOT waste time or risk yourself  and your fellow passengers by taking video.

More next week I guess … it’s a four  parter. That’s if I can summon up the energy to watch  the mad professor thrashing life into  ‘Terror’.





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