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Retired Pilots and the Airbus 350

I don’t know if other retired people miss what they do and yearn to go back to work. I retired 15 years ago and, after a great career never once thought about ‘missing it’, ‘going back’ or anything remotely nostalgic.

I’ve done a few radio interviews in connection  with the book and the same question came up every time. Do you miss flying? I gave the same answer every time. No  didn’t.

That was until the B787 started flying and I got a bit thoughtful. Yesterday the Airbus A350 flew for the first time. Now I want to get back into the cockpit and fly again.

What a beautiful machine, graceful, curved,  smooth, efficient gorgeous.

I realised that having left the industry flying the latest aircraft at the time that there has been nothing new other than these two planes and the A380.

Now I can see what I’m missing again.

I suppose the next thing I’m going to do is book a holiday to a destination where I can at least travel in one of these even if I can’t fly it.

Captain Keith (Retired)


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