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More media compliments!

I regret not having watched the other programmes about Heathrow Airport that BBC have broadcast this week. Tonight’s show  told me about things I’d never realised … and once again everyone was precise in their descriptions of their jobs, responsibilities and duties. The Fear of flying  engineerprogramme was interesting because it dealt with facts and avoided any sort of sensationalisation. I loved it. And I didn’t realise how much training the air traffic controllers had to do! I’ve never seen inside the fuselage where the trim actuator lives, I didn’t realise that the fire engines cost 3/4 million pounds, I didn’t know that there are lightning conductors on the nose cone.

Most of all I liked the chat between the ground engineer and presenter when the latter said that he thought there was evidence of  scorching/burning inside the nose wheel bay. The engineer just said  “No it’s not heat marks  just rubber.”  Factual, polite and very re-assuring. In fact the whole programme was very confidence giving, even to me. Well done the beeb!


Captain Keith



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