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BBC Airport Live programme.


It’s not often I say anything good about the media and aviation but I watched tonight’s programme and found it superb. The interviewer’s questions were sensible and enquiring, the answers from everyone

were  professional and the whole thing was a credit to aviation and the BBC.

I was interested by the straight answers that everyone gave. The Air Traffic Controllers were un-phased by any question.

In particular I liked the answer given to the presenter’s question  “A go around in a  big plane must be pretty difficult?” Answer “It’s the same in any plane, big or small.” A great answer that says it exactly as it is.

We don’t have emotional highs and lows  we just get on with the job. We concentrate on making everything as safe as possible.

There are procedures in place for everything you can imagine. I wish I had time on my courses to show this series in its entirety.



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