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A good captain …

Hi Captain Keith,

Thought I should share a really good experience my daughter has just had on EasyJet. She’s not a particularly happy flyer so she was a bit alarmed when they were held up at Dalaman airport (on the plane) due to technical faults with their plane. I’m not sure quite what was wrong but no sooner had one fault been fixed than another one appeared. They were also told that they would have to fly at a lower altitude all the way home due to the faults – which would certainly have alarmed me!! She says a couple of people got off the plane but she wasn’t worried because the female pilot was absolutely brilliant. She gave constant reassuring broadcasts from the cockpit and kept everyone up to date on the situation. At one point she came out and spoke to anyone who wanted to speak to her and invited anyone who wanted to, to come into the cockpit and talk to her. She also pointed out that she had two young children and there was no way she’d fly the plane home if it wasn’t safe to do so!

I thought it was such a nice story – I feel like emailing EasyJet and telling them that they should give that pilot a gold star!! I hope I get her next time I fly to Turkey.

Best wishes,



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