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Reality. The fear of flying.

I’ve been reading the views of two people this week, fortunately I’m familiar with their teachings and ideas otherwise I might reject one and accept the other without thinking about what they  are actually saying.

On the one hand everything is expressed in simple terms, however complex the subject, reduce it to what it is …. not how it can be expressed. Then conclude.

On the other hand everything is examined taken apart reconstructed, analysed, given reasons, tested, theorised and so on. Then conclude

One is a therapist and the other a nobel prize winning quantum physicist. Which is which do you think?

The fear of flying is a learned fear. It can be unlearnt. People who have bad relationships with their parents are able to fly without concern. People who have had every nurturing opportunity in life can be petrified of flying. There are no rules as to how you qualify to have a fear. So how can there be rules to overcome it?

People are individuals, it cannot be claimed with  certainty that there is just one way to overcome a fear of flying. There is one certain fact : you have to face your fear. How effective is the help is the only question about the methods available.

If counting backwards from 273 in multiples of 18 standing in the rain eating a cheeseburger gives a lasting cure for your fear of flying then start counting.

If it doesn’t, find what works for you.

Captain Keith



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