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Airbus Engine Problem. Latest information.

The latest information on the Airbus engine problems on 24th May  has just been released.

As I guessed and reported earlier there is a more to this incident than first seemed the case. You nay recall that I mentioned that what puzzled me was the fact that there was a reported fire on the right engine and yet the left engine cowling had become detached. When I later saw pictures of the right engine I was concerned that much of the  rear of the engine was blackened. It now seems possible that my first thought about the engine still being on fire was wrong. Reports now suggest that the fire may not have been completely extinguished . Bearing in mind that the cowlings came away from the engine structure it seems that  fuel lines may have been damaged leading to fuel escaping.

It concerns me that an engineer’s check of the exterior of the plane AND a pilot’s outside check failed to notice that the cowlings were not secure. However without a full investigation it isn’t possible to know what part those checks played in the incident.

It will be several months before the official report will be published. If I hear anything sooner I will let you know.

Captain Keith


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