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Message : Hi Keith,

I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful commitment to helping sufferers with a fear of flying.

I had purchased the DVD from this site which I found interesting and a good help.  I have however, recently purchased the CD set and it has been a revelation! It is so in depth I think it should cater for any fear that anyone may have of flying.  The part about gambling mentalities seemed to resonate most with me.  Probability and possibility are definitely 2 different things and that was highlighted in the CD.

I was also reassured by the weather tutorial.  Knowledge certain helps to quash these “what ifs….” that come through ones head in a stressful situation.

I was surprised today when upon hearing of the trouble of the BA Oslo flight I felt reassured, not concerned.  It was a great example of how a plane can land safely with trouble to one of just 2 engines!

Please keep up the good work and I’m sure others will benefit, as I have.

Many thanks,


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