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On the last course we discussed all these subjects  and a whole lot more too …

  1. Turbulence
  2. Flying in a storm
  3. Radio failure
  4. What if questions
  5. How would we deal with a medical emergency?flying at nght
  6. Flying in cloud
  7. The worries about being judged if someone had a panic attack
  8. Take off
  9. Climbing through the clouds
  10. Being out of control
  11. Someone you don’t know flying the plane
  12. Crew training
  13. Facts and trust
  14. Plane may drop from the sky
  15. Engines may stop
  16. Bad pilots flying towards us
  17. What if ATC make a mistake
  18. Birds flying into the engines
  19. Claustrophobia
  20.  Absence of choice.

Remember there will never be more than five people on your course. We will answer all of your questions. Despite all the bragging about their success rates from our competitors make there is absolutely no way that they can match the personal attention we can give you. You will leave our course with knowledge confidence and strategies to deal with all your flights … including the one that brings you back home after your holiday!



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