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“Hello Captain Keith

A fear of flying can be overcome

I’m viewing the videos of take off and landing a lot at the moment to desensitize me to noises and motions.”


This is exactly how the videos should be used. Watch your stress levels go down as you become familiar with the sights and sounds of flying. I’ve just been watching a promotional video for a fear of flying course run by an airline … it’s full of many gimmicks and what I call goodness gracious statements. Intelligent people are expected to be amazed at a glitzy presentation of simple aspects of human behaviour and visual illusions.  Overcoming a fear of flying needs neither in an in depth analysis of childhood experiences nor superficial group hugging  and life coaching.

It’s a fear, it’s a learned fear, it can be unlearnt. Get the facts apply them in the way that suits you and be responsible for your own learning. As someone said about another subject it’s not rocket surgery.

Come to our course and take away your own long lasting strategy. And if it doesn’t work we’ll let you take your money back.



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