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I made it!

Dear Keith and Viv,
I hope you are both well and that the weather hasn’t affected you too badly.  It hasn’t been too conducive to coaching tennis outdoors in the Mendips!
Anyway, I just wanted to report that I flew successfully to Boston and back at Christmas.  I used all the strategies you suggested and they were so helpful.  There were a few uncomfortable moments, but nothing I couldn’t handle.  There was a fair amount of turbulence, particularly on the flight out and it didn’t bother me one bit!  By sheer coincidence, we met the Captain and his crew in Costa Coffee before the flight out and had a chat.  The Captain was so nice and really funny when I told him I was a bit nervous – and the crew were very kind throughout the flight.  I would never had the nerve to talk to them if you hadn’t suggested that I should tell someone about my worries.
I have a friend who would really like to come and do your course in the simulator.  Please could you let me know the details?
With many thanks and all best wishes,


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