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Common Fears about flying

common FearsThanks for your website…I read bits and pieces especially when I am about to take a long trip.  I’m not necessarily scared of flying….I’m scared of dying!  lol.  Seriously I just get this feeling of helplessness when caught in

These are jet engines ... with propellers!

turbolence or anything.  I was on a flight from Hawaii to LA a couple of years ago during the tradewinds, and the 5.5hour trip was extremely bumpy to the point where even the flight attendants were strapped down the entire time.

I had a question, I recently flew from LA to El Salvador, with a destination of Liberia, Costa Rica.  The flight from El Salvador to Liberia was on a twin-propeller plane.  The aircraft was ATR 42/72.  How safe are those?  I think some propeller planes are powered by Jet Engines, but this one wasn’t.  I was hesitant as the entire flight was over water.  The flight proved to be uneventful but was wondering how safe those planes are.  I’m sure the captain and crew would not fly if it wasn’t safe as is all of my flight justifications and thoughts to myself “well the captain would not fly if he didn’t think flying was safe”.
The answer is that flying in these planes is perfectly safe. Your answer to yourself is correct!
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