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I want to fly it!!!!!

So the Dreamliner goes into service.

What a fantastic plane

In 1984 I was lucky enough to be  licensed  to fly the world’s most advanced plane. The Boeing 757. Everywhere we went people wanted to see it. Pilots wanted to see the flight deck and ask how all the electronic flight display stuff worked. The flight deck was never empty of visitors, curious to see the new technology.  Everything was computer controlled or automatic or used the latest technology. Our navigational system was more advanced than any of the space shuttle stuff. It was in my opinion the world’s greatest and most beautiful bird. It was a new era in aviation.


And now there’s the 787 and I want to fly it. I’m a tad jealous of those that do. But then isn’t this a fascinating part of aviation that it moves on and on and each generation marvels at what follows us?  But the important thing is that all these refinements make flying safer.

Keith (ex 757 pilot)


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