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Hi again Captain Keith, Thank you so very much for sending me your book just hours before my flight,



it was so good of you and a real God send!

It made such a big difference to how I perceived and coped with the flight, the noises the turbulence and of course the landing in windy weather. Thank you also from my long suffering husband, he actually managed to get some sleep on a flight for once, because I wasn’t constantly squeezing his hand, even though we were going through turbulence whilst he slept. He also says a big thank you.

I fly back home in a few days time and I think the weather forecast is still not good so I would be lying if I said I wasn’t apprehensive, but at least I am not panicking as much as I would have been, had I not discovered your website.

If your course was this weekend than I definitely would have wanted to attend, any chance of a course in Cyprus!

Thanks again


S wrote to me just before her flight saying there wasn’t time to get my book. I sent her the e version of the book and she put something into a charity box.  We’re here to help people not make money. And of course I pay less corporation tax as a result! Bit  like Starbucks and the rest!

Captain Keith


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