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Hi Keith – you may remember that

I came on the ground course on Sept 29th.

I got a lot out of the day and found both Viv and yourself very inspirational giving me some new found confidence.
After the course, I read plenty of the literature and listened to the CDs several times on my daily commute.
They were excellent!
I don’t know if you can remember on the course the BA Jumbo takeoff with full sound effects really gave me emotional problems, well I played it many times at home to normalise it which did just that.
I went to Barcelona on EasyJet last weekend and I have to say had two superb flights!
My lead up to the outbound was so much calmer and I was sat there at the end of the runway preparing to takeoff
quite far down my Yerkes-Dodson (!!) curve – low heart rate etc.
It was marvellous.
Turbulence was OK – not 100% but with the huge leap forward I was happy with what I’d achieved.
So thanks to both of you for getting me so far along the Flying Without Fear pathway!
Very much appreciated.
Onwards and quite literally upwards!
Kind regards, Nick.


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