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that light is amazing fun!!!

It’s been nearly 5 months since I called Keith in a panic

Fear of Flying Course Aircraft

Fear of Flying Course Aircraft

and begged for a half day course to help me be ‘calm and collected’

on my first flight with my boyfriend in April, so I thought I’d take the time to now write and let all you fellow fearful flyers know how much of a turnaround you can have and how much fun flying can be!!

I used to enjoy flying as a child, no issues with it at all, but for some reason – I started to feel petrified, absolutely petrfied of flying as I reached about 23. I had to fly for work but would have panic attacks, cry, and generally hate the entire experience so much it felt like a horrible chore, that I dreaded and worried about losing sleep for days on end.

I then decided enough was enough. I’m one of the few people in this world lucky enough to be able to afford to go on a plane and see new places, I want to enjoy all of my journey not just the landing!! Captain Keith listened to my phobia, answered questions I already knew answers too but wanted to hear from him and taught me a routine… I followed this routine on my first 2 flights, and now, I can’t wait to fly again. Something’s flipped in my head, I enjoy flying now, I love the thrust of the engines, the excitement of take off and the view of beautiful places from the windows high above the ground.

I’ve been on 12 flights since, 6 long haul, and I have to say, if something can flip inside my head – there is hope for everyone! So hang in there, and appreciate the fact you can fly, it really is such a privallege to have the option :-)


I hope this helps any of you that have lost hope (as I had) to realise there really is a big light at the end of the tunnel and that light is amazing fun!!!

Me,  x


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