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New checks for doctors

Here in the UK it was announced yesterday Operating Theatre

that from next year all doctors would have

…to be checked for their general competency. This follows the revelation that a doctor had failed to meet any reasonable standard over a long period of time. His/her incompetency had caused enormous grief and suffering to many innocent people. The ‘test’ or ‘check’  has not been formalised yet but from yesterday’s short description it hardly sounds exhaustive.  It sounds more like registration than a check on competency, however time will tell.

From the viewpoint of aviation this seems a very very long overdue development. We have had mandatory skills and knowledge checks for at least 51 years. That’s my experience of it…and I guess they were in place before I started flying!

All in all there are at least 10  checks on pilots annually.  Two Medical fitness examinations, technical knowledge, normal flying skills, non normal skills, instrument flying skills, cabin procedures, medical training, evacuation and cabin equipment operation, Human factors recurrent training.




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