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Hi Keith, Flights this year!!

Hi Keith, Flights this year!!

two successful journeys so far this year,

Portugal in may and Alicante last week. whilst portugal was a smooth flight, i did panic on take off but practised my breathing exercises and even managed to sit at the back of the plane which is something I have NEVER contemplated in the past as I fear seeing other people in the cabin due to claustrophobia.

So this flight was a lot less stressful than previous flights and on the return I even managed to enjoy, eat and do my puzzles pretending i was on a bus lol! Second flight this year to alicante, we flew out last sunday and returned last night. Again, panic on take off but much milder than previous, check in all fine i managed a meal before boarding and was doing breathing exercises all the way up to boarding. Main panic tends to set in as we are taxing to the runway as i become fearful of the noises of the engine. It only fuels my anxiety. However, smooth flight on the way out to spain, more enjoyable.

The return flight home last night was pretty awful in my eyes haha! Thunderstorms over barcelona caused a lot of turbulence, for the first 60 minutes of the journey it was not smooth whatsoever. I doubt thid was due to the thunderstorms as I’m sure we moved past that quite quickly but whatever it was, i was uneasy the whole duration with some panic but my friend tried to keep me occupied. failed to work LOL. But my anxiety was high but panic symptoms were low. Things I used and learnt from the course:

* main mantra: turbulance is uncomfortable but not dangerous (I think i said this out loud a hundred times last night!!) * seatbelt tightened with each movement to move with the plane (eventually run out of breathing space!!) * immediately poured my glass of pepsi to measure the turbulance on scale of 1-3 to judge if i was being over sensitive and to gauge how bad it really was, i would say a 2, 3 on the odd occasion. * breathing in for 4, out for 4. diaphramatic breathing didnt soothe me as much as this. * distraction with music, puzzles or other. Did not find too effective as main concern for me was to just deal with it!! * engine noise that i find so fearful is what we need to get off the ground and stay in the air so its priority!!!! * if it was as dangerous as i keep thinking then the pilots stewards etc would not do it everyday!

One steward in particular married guy, I just remembered what you said in the course about going to work and its just a natural part of your day saying goodbye to family and heading off to work with the obvious intention of coming home if that makes sense!!

* if the turbulance was threatening or dangerous the pilot would have put seatbelt sign on for the whole duration so he is obviously just experiencing normal turbulance for the weather/ time of night or what not. * as per the course, planes have been tested for high winds, wings tested in extreme conditions etc and no planes have ever fallen or crashed due to turbulance Also there was a young boy about 11-12 next to me that just fell askleep lol so man up!!!! however i was very glad to hit the ground last night … !! I have also booked a flight from LCY to glasgow next month for a colleagues wedding travelling with my boss and his wife so this will be interesting as i tend to hol someones hand on take off!! i thought very carefully about booking this flight as effectively i feel as though i will ve travelling alone in a sense so this will be a test which i am slightly anxious about but also looking forward to the challenge. it will also be a third flight in one year which has never happened before … am also glad i did experience some turbulance on last nights flight to feel what it is like. what i wanted to ask was how i can comment on the course i attended with positive feedback as i took most things on board that i learnt on the day and put into action. the noises, the sounds you hear, the things that happen to the plane when landing the wings etc. I also wanted to say thank you, i really enjoyed it even though it was two yrs ago, i really foun it useful and also still speak to Anna and Phil and support each other when we fly! thank you! x


Veronique  came on our Fear of flying ground course


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Phoebe September 10, 2012 at 6:54 pm

Brilliant Well Done

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