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Chaos in the Cockpit. (Air France accident)

Another ‘black box’ programme!Airbus 330

another inadequate ‘investigation’ into what really happened

…but this time including a couple of guys who should know better. Their expert opinion was given in a way that would never be accepted as ‘evidence’ in their consultancy roles. What happens to level headed people when a camera is pointed at them? Why, instead of  dealing with facts do they deal in speculation, raised eyebrows and banal statements.

Sure there was a big error on the part of the pilots in realising what happening to the flight, but that was not clearly explained in the programme. The solution was not quite as obvious to the crew as it was to the programme maker.

Fortunately the important issue to emerge from the accident, was that extra and specific training is being given to the crews on this type of plane.

Trouble is with the tele, I also believe stuff that comes from ‘experts’ in documentaries. Maybe I should be suspicious of everything on the tele and in the press. Probably wiser.

Captain Keith


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admin September 17, 2012 at 6:35 pm

The A 330 is a fantastic plane

admin September 18, 2012 at 8:45 pm

Thanks David I agree …to an extent…but I’m here to guide fearful flyers to the inaccuracies but mainly the emotive language which can be so influential.
You are right in saying that there is an official handover ogf control. In BA we used to say ” You have control” and the other pilot would say ” I have control” so that there is no doubt. Airbus is different in that the control columns ( side sticks) are not visible to the pilot on the other side of the flight deck and of course only one stick will have authority under some circumstances and in others it will aggregate the inputs…as far as I understand it…so it is even more important that each pilot knows who is in control. And there’s the point, you have to know your plane and its characteristics. Airbus training has been modified.
Thank you for your comments.

admin September 18, 2012 at 8:49 pm

I think there is an indicator to show which side stick is controling the plane…but what this does when it’s aggregating the inputs I don’t know.

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