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Back from Rome

I’ve just had the fun of a few days in Rome…


It’s interesting to see flying from a passenger’s point of view…

after a lifetime of being taken to and from the front of the plane. It’s easier for me now to see how intimidating it is to be delayed and not be told the reason, to hear the pilot mumbling something about something and wondering whether it was important or not.

The airports are so complicated with a sign apparently pointing in one direction and an exasperated staff member explaining that in fact everyone ought to know that it means¬† ‘ over there’. Sure leaves one with a feeling of increasing anxiety.

It’s unsettling that having been told to go to Gate 4 that when you get there it’s showing a flight to Murmansk., which is fine if that’s where you’re going but if you want to go to Paris… another worry!

So my conclusion after a short trip to Italy was that airports and airlines should undergo a huge change of policy and start considering their passengers.

However we had a fantastic time seeing all the sites of ancient Rome…and in true pleb style I realised that the great big place that was next to the hotel where the crew used to stay was in fact the Pantheon. One of the sites I was looking forward to discovering! Oh dear all those years of ignorance. They say that travel broadens the mind.

Keithius Romanus


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June Ross September 28, 2012 at 12:36 pm

Hail, Keithius Romanus, Yep nothing worse for an anxious passenger than hearing the dreaded delay/technical problems announcement for making us fret!

Isabel Kirkwood October 18, 2012 at 10:58 am

Hi Keith
Thank you for your very helpful website, and also your book. I flew to New York last month, not having flown for about 3 years, and your book certainly helped me. I know my fear stems from the fact that I very rarely fly. I also read your comments about your trip to Rome and agree that the crew could be more helpful; on our return journey there was a lot of turbulence; if the captain had said ‘but don’t worry it’s not dangerous’ it would have been very reassuring, instead he said ‘stay in your seats, do up your seatbelts, don’t even go to the toilets, the turbulence will be heavy.’ Not very reassuring!

admin October 19, 2012 at 2:54 pm

Isabel. thank for your comment. I agree not a very re-assuring comment …so well done you

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