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Pilotless planes v Human error

I had an interesting chat recently

about human error

A fearful flyer made the argument that if human error is a contributor to aircraft accidents why aren’t we doing more about it. Well we are, our training programmes are biased towards the ‘soft skills’ more now than they ever have been.


Anyway I had the perfect answer to the pilot error argument and that would be to adopt technology that is already available and use it in modern passenger aircraft. That would mean pilotless planes. My fearful flyer did not want to fly on a plane without a pilot either.

Damned if you do and damned if you don’t I guess.

The saying is… credited to Lorenzo Dow circa 1834. Lorenzo Dow was an American evangelist. He was 19 when he started preaching and would travel around the southern and northern parts of the United States.

The entire saying is: ‘You can and you can’t-You shall and you shan’t-You will and you won’t-And you will be damned if you do-And you will be damned if you don’t.’ It was in reference to preachers who would preach a sermon that would make the Bible contradict itself.


Captain Keith



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