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“Nerves kicking in at the airport…”

I’ve just been chatting to someone

who is about to board a flight at Bristol…

unfortunately the flight has been delayed for 3 hours while a spare part is being sent down from London. This is the time when all those plans fall apart…but they don’t have to if you think your way thru’ the situation. On hearing that there’s a delay the average fearful flyer will interpret the situation as ‘bad luck’ or an ‘omen’ or just be upset by having their plan changed. If you’ve been preparing for something as worrying as flying …if you’re a fearful flyer…then the slightest upset will trigger all the old thoughts.

So we devised a plan which was to

  1. Use the breathing technique as demonstrated on our course
  2. have a plan on what to do if it becomes turbulent
  3. remember why you’re travelling
  4. go and spend a fortune on books and magazines
  5. set your target a little lower for this flight…expect to be more nervous than you wanted to be …but just accept that fact
  6. Accept that if you don’t take this flight…then you’ll have to go through all this again at a later date…you’ve worried so much it would be a waste to waste it!

Don’t forget that we’re here to help you  not take your money and run. That’s the fourth call I’ve taken this week.  01420 588 628


Captain Keith



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Nicola August 23, 2012 at 9:57 pm

This “someone” was me!! I had it all planned… I would get to the airport, check in, go thru customs, buy a drink, etc etc board the plane, but the delay, and further delay made me panic until I got to the point of phoning Captain Keith. He was brilliant, we talked for ages and devised the plan above and it helped so much. I focused on what we had discussed and this helped to fill the time rather than sitting there worrying. We evenually boarded and although the flight was quite bumpy I felt I coped really well and I flew back again!! I am so pleased I chose this fear of f;lying course, where else would you ever have this kind of help. THANK YOU!
Oh and the spare part?? A fire extingusher for the galley!!!

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