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Hawaii Five O Aloha

Hi Keith,

 I can’t use my phone here else I would call

but for now a quick email to let you know I made it and even managed the third flight with no valium and no tears! Thank you so much for your patience. I will call you when I’m back which will probably be Thursday some time.
Hope you are well. A.A.
P.S. I’m very glad now I didn’t cancel those flights!
Comment from Captain Keith
A.  came on our course last year, recently she called me to say that she was about to cancel her trip to her friend’s wedding in Hawaii. A trip that she’d saved for, for over three tears. We chatted, we laughed, we thought, sometimes she cried but together we  made a plan.
  1. She would see  the latest time she could leave it to cancel her flight
  2. She’d spend a few days not thinking about the flight
  3. She’d explain to her travelling companion ( her close friend) how she was feeling
  4. She’d ask her friend to make a plan of how they could spend each block of 3 hours during the flight.
  5. She’d get a doctor’s prescription for Valium.
  6. She’d call me and tell me how she was feeling.


We gradually altered the plan to make it more workable, thought of strategies in case ‘things went wrong’ and she agreed that if she didn’t go this time …then what a waste of all that worry and effort. We chatted several times.

I’m happy to spend time helping you too… no charge…because we’re here to help,  not to get rich.

There was a downside…my offer to fly with her ( first class only, five star hotel, expenses, and a car to pick me up ) was not taken up.



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