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I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Captain Keith

and the fantastic Flying Without Fear books.

For the first time in over 10 years I did not cry on a flight, I did not cry during take off and I did not have a panic attack at the first sign of turbulence and the biggest achievement of all I looked out of the window during take off (on both outbound and return flights) AND did not have to hold my husband’s hand for the first half hour of the flight. I put this mainly down the the facts outlined in book 1 which helped me enormously, particularly the information about the different sounds on the aircraft which I now understand are “unfamiliar, not strange” and also “tubulence may be uncomfortable but it is not dangerous”. This is a massive step forward for me, this coming from someone who once begged the holiday rep to book her on a boat home as soon as she landed so that I would have a week to get back to England and wouldn’t be late for work on my first day back in the office after my holiday! My children know nothing of my fear as I dont’ want to alarm them but the older they get, the harder it is to hide it from them and they have asked me some very awkward questions over the last couple of years which was what prompted me to seek help. I know my extreme fear is still there but I will read the book every time I fly and hopefully over time I will go back to how I was many years ago and have no fear at all. Thank you again so much Captain Keith, you really have made a difference.


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