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To be or not to be…

It wasn’t only Hamlet who worried…

The play was described by Lord Olivier as

the man who could not make up his mind…even though his course of action was pretty obvious. Remarkable that the Bard could write a play about fearful flyers all those years ago. But for the play to catch on and be really popular he had to wait until planes had been invented to show the main plot and the  counter plots.

Of course I jest, a little, but to many  fearful flyers the decision to do something about their fear or not, is probably the biggest barrier to overcoming it. I think this is because there’s a feeling that perhaps something miraculous might happen by doing nothing, but if they were to look into the Pandor’s Box (actually it was a Jar)  of aviation then all the evils really will jump out.

This is not true, for the average fearful flyer, their thoughts  are always worse than reality. Certainly there is nothing on our course that would make anyone feel worse than they do already…and that’s with confronting the truth too!

Facing the fear is THE ONLY WAY to overcome a fear of flying…all the mumbo jumbo in the world, all the promises, all the miracle 18 minute cures, all the  ‘we’re the only way’ claims in the world ….must end up in facing the fear if you are to succeed.

Success depends upon whether you trust the people who will take you along the journey.


Captain Keith

Our course is the only one where we’ll return your money if it doesn’t work



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