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Farnborough Air Show 2012

They call it summer but today it continued raining…

You can overcome your fear of flying

so I wondered whether to spend £41  (£82)  on a ticket (s) into the air show…

but unfortunately I’d used up all my air show goodwill with my wife who has spent too many hours at other  shows. So we decided to compromise and take a picnic to a place  where I know you can  see the show and not feel bad (about the money) if you leave early! We arrived 45 mins before the show started and had already been beaten into the best position by several families.

I was amazed that so many people wanted to see the show. I guess that for non-enthusiasts £41 is a bit too much for just watching planes so I fully understand why they were picnicking but what I’m still trying to understand is how come so many ordinary folk get so much pleasure out of watching planes?

The oohs and arghhs when the A380 got airborne was amazing… then as it went into a steep turn after getting off the ground the people around actually cheered…they loved it! They cheered when they watched a jet fighter flew passed us  upside down…I really didn’t know that planes were such a turn on for people.

What I do recall, when I used to fly was that at Manchester the taxi way to the take off point went past a pub and on a sunny day (and many not so sunny days)  lots of the revellers would take their drinks and watch the planes taxi by. Having spent many many hours as a young boy staring over the fence at small planes I knew how nice it was to get a wave from the pilots.

So I used to open my cockpit window of my multi million dollar play thing and give them a wave, and the fabulous thing was that they always waved back.

What a woderfully priveleged working life I had.

I hope that my love and enthusiasm for flying helps me, to help you to overcome your fear of flying



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Tracey Seagood July 14, 2012 at 7:08 pm

A380 – travelled to Sibgapore on this beauty, def helped me deal with the flight, so quiet and smooth , u inspire me to continue my travels and leave worrying about the flying to the experts!
Also thank you for talking to Paul earlier this week, he even mentioned coming on the course!

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