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Commercial Aviation Safety

I was so busy talking about safety briefings on my last blog

 that I forgot to talk about the magazine that prompted me to write.

I had picked up an old flight safety magazine which is published by the UK Flight Safety Committee.

I’ll just list and comment briefly on the contents.

Ready for de-icing

Past Aviation Accidents…A discussion on the analysis of accidents and how we can improve air safety in the light of them.


Do we need pilots?  A discussion on the laughable suggestion that we could fly with one pilot and a trained up cabin vcreww attendant to do a landing in case the pilot was incapacitated. No reason that the cabin crew couldn’t be trained to do it …but the co-pilot is trained up already…and the cabin crew member would need to be as good so …

Contaminated runways. A  reminder of take off and landing conditions on snow or ice covered runways.

Airworthiness. A three page review of engineering management.

Pilot Fatigue. A  four page discussion about sleep, circadian rythyms, scheduling and related matters.

Aircraft safety equipment

MCRM Discoveries. A paper on the multi crew resource management workshops. Training for pilots and Air Traffic  Controllers

Cabin Safety article.  See my blog.

Icing Training. An three page article on the effects of ice on aircraft wings.

Laser lights. An article advising the problem of idiots who shine laser lights at aircraft…and the countermeasures.

Last article on regulations governing the investigation of aircraft incidents and accidents.


Not bad for a magazine that’s published every 3 months.  We take safety very very seriously.

Captain Keith



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