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Aircraft safety and the fear of flying

Recently a few fearful flyers have

Flying is normal

been sending internet links about ‘wing cracks’…

…and wanting me to explain and re-assure them about it. This is a perfectly normal reaction to reading something which is seen to be an increase in the risk of flying. The fact is of course that no aircraft manufacturer or airline would fly any plane if there were seen to be risks. For a start the law doesn’t allow airlines to ‘take chances’  and if something were to go wrong the airline would cease operating overnight. Many many years ago an airline went broke after an accident because thousands of people just cancelled their bookings and demanded their money back.

If these cracks were cracks in the normal sense of the word, of course the planes would be grounded immediately. These ‘cracks’ are microscopic and are not a part of what would be considered the structural strength of the plane.

You have nothing to worry about with regard to this plane, I would happily fly on it.  But this is the point… if you have any misgivings about it then just don’t fly on it.  If I can not add a bigger endorsement than saying that I would fly on it what else can I say?

Indeed,  if all the explanation, information and statistics and reassurance doesn’t persuade you then facts are no use to you.  If you have used all the techniques and remedies available and you still believe that there is some force and ill fortune waiting for you, my advice is to keep on trying because for almost everyone there comes a moment when you will feel confident to fly.

That moment when you  have your eureka moment may mean a long  painstaking journey…perhaps with lots of set backs…but it will come.

If after all that… and  even with our continuing support and encouragement  you don’t succeed in overcoming your fear then perhaps it’s time to see a reader of palms or a clair voyant.  I don’t know of anyone who has been on our course who has needed that sort of support afterwards…but quite a few who have tried it before.

Do what works for you long term.

On a lighter note if you find a miracle cure start a web site and never have to work again!

I hope this blog article helps you.


Captain Keith


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