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Flight Safety

I was reading an old copy of my Flight Safety magazine last night.

Cabin Crew Safety Demonstration

Cabin Crew Safety Demonstration

I was interested to see that one of the main subjects was about cabin evacuation.

On our fear of flying course we ask the ‘passengers’ if they read the safety leaflet and listen to the briefing. The usual answer is that they don’t listen, watch or read because it’s tempting fate. They also ask if flying is so safe why is there a safety briefing …there must be something to be worried about.

This is not true because there are safety instructions everywhere in life now. If you go on a company training course the first thing the leader mentions are the safety procedures. Safety cultures are a sensible way of life.

But the point of this blog is to say that there  has been a great deal of research into evacuation procedures and we as passengers have a responsibility to our fellow passengers to know what to do IF things required evacuating the plane .

I descibe attending to the safety procedures on a plane as being similar to wearing a crash helmet on a motorcycle…wearing one doesn’t make an accident more likely …buit IF something were to happen …you’d be a whole lot safer.

Captain Keith





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