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Flying tips

Here’s some interesting stuff I found on the Boeing FAQ page

Cabin Crew Safety Demonstration

Cabin Crew Safety Demonstration

  1. Pay attention to the flight attendants.
  2. Listen to safety briefings, even if you’ve heard them many times.
  3. Review the safety data card in the seat pocket in front of you.
  4. Locate the emergency exits. Airplanes have different configurations, so look around you once you’re in your seat.
  5. Count the number of rows between your seat and the closest exit, and remember, sometimes the nearest exit is behind you.
  6. Keep your seat belt fastened while seated. Turbulence can occur at any time.
  7. When traveling with an infant or child under age two, consider purchasing a separate seat.
  8. Buckle your child into an approved-for-flying car seat.
  9. On long flights, exercise your arm and leg muscles.

This is good advice, make flying even safer by doing your bit to help.


Captain Keith


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