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Fear of flying success

Thank you so much Captain Keith

I quickly joined this site because I had to fly from Christchurch to Nelson (within New Zealand)

and return this week and I was terrified!!!  Every time I fly I panic, I feel disorientated, my thoughts and fear overwhelm me, infact I have a panic attack from the minute the plane leaves the ground until we touch the ground again.  I do not feel connected to anything while I’m flying, it’s like I’m in the middle of no where, unsafe, and out of control.

Anyway, I had a quick look at this site (which gave me some hope) and off I went.  I am happy to say I have made those 2 flights and am now safely home again.  The first flight on Monday felt extremely frightening but I tried constantly to tell myself “I am safe” “I am safe” and I forced myself to keep repeating this and not allowing any irrational thoughts in. A lovely woman on the plane came and sat with me and held my hand and constantly re-assured me.  Bless her she was wonderful!  The flight home I sat without anyone helping me, yes I was terrified, but it’s the first time I haven’t needed someone to help me, I coped, which is a step in the right direction.  I feel confident now that the more I learn about flying, the more I understand it, the less frightened I will feel while I am flying.

Thank you for this opportunity to face my fear.

Kind Regards


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