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Fear of flying phone call

Fear of flying Help 01420 588 628It’s always nice to receive a phone call

from someone we’ve helped…

but yesterday was different. Not only did I hear from an excited fearful flyer I was asked to talk to her daughter as well. ” Mum was completely different from other times…I couldn’t believe it was here. We had such a fantastic holiday. Thank you so much for curing her fear.”

The truth is that I only helped…it was ‘Mum’ who faced the fear, it was she who  found the courage. The cure belongs to her. This is what I said to the people attending our course today… I cannot cure your fear,  I’m only here to help you find the way. Sure  it’s a blunt way to start the course, but facing a fear of flying is about  facing the truth and that’s always the quickest way to overcome your fear.

We’ll support and encourage you for as long as you like via the website and the forum. Everyone today said that their main reason for choosing our course was the personal nature of it.

If you’d like to have the pleasure of overcoming your fear book your course here


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