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Could Virgin… or BA match this?

Dear Captain Keith,

These are still jet engines...but with props!

When I first bought the “Fear of Flying” DVD and CD’s,

I wasn’t sure I was “helpable”

…but I have since had 2 very successful long hauls to South Africa… and would have never thought I could actually enjoy them!!! No anxiety or need for medication and I just sat back and trusted the crew to know what they were doing.

During turbulence, I did breathing exercises and my mantra was: “uncomfortable but NOT dangerous”-it worked like magic and it soon passed. Even on the much smaller plane (something called De Havilland with propellers), I found myself enjoying the views from Joburg to Gaberone, without any fear at all.

We live in Spain so I have also enjoyed the short hauls Gibraltar-Heathrow and continue to gain confidence each time.

I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart as I have wasted years worrying for several weeks before flight day to the point of watching the news items(which are doom and gloom anyway!)to see if there’d been a plane crash anywhere then I’d be relieved that it wasn’t where I was going – how selfish can one get?

With all the helpful info I’ve received, I understand a lot more about turbulence, how planes work and although accidents will happen occassionally, I am now determined not to live in fear each time I travel, but to be really positive about each journey and face it.

Thank you sooooo much!

Best wishes,


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