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Your course is fantastic, and such a brilliant concept holding it on a plane.

Good Morning Keith

Overcome your fear of flying


Just to say a very big thank you to both you and Vivienne for a wonderful day yesterday.

By the time we got home I felt absolutely exhausted. I have had such a lovely night’s sleep (even though it was filled with dreams of flying) and feel so relaxed, a feeling I do not remember having for a very long time!!!

This would seem to be a good thing.    It was lovely putting the washing out this morning in the sunshine and I looked up at the sun and yes did feel a flutter of excitement as I suddenly thought of laying in the sun on holiday and feeling that it could happen or should I say it would happen.

Both Mxxx  and I really enjoyed our day yesterday and felt like we had spent a day with friends, that is how welcome you made us feel and I promise I will be working hard and reading all my books to sort this, I’m not going to say problem, but to look to the future in a more positive frame of mind. The most valuable lesson I learnt yesterday was to be kinder to myself and accept it will take small steps and time to overcome this as it has been there for a long time and a bad habit that I have to break.

We will keep you posted of any updates but wanted to say thank you for yesterday as a starter. I am sure this will just the beginning of many thank you emails that I will be sending to you.

Your course is fantastic, and such a brilliant concept holding it on a plane.    Thank you so much again.




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