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What a week

In these hard economic times it must be hard  for companies to show a profit.

In that respect we’re lucky here on flying

We measure our success not in money but in the successes we share in. I’ve had a couple of phone calls this week from people who were at the airport and just needed a word or two to encourage them to take that  step and face their fears. Posted elsewhere is the experiences of a lady who turned back from the airport and watched her husband and children go off on holiday without her.

But the upside was that it gave her the determination and reason to put in that extra bit of courage and take the flight. I said that when she got to the airport that she should phone me if she felt at all anxious, she said that she wouldn’t, I insisted that she must. She then said that her flight was at about 5 am.

I insisted that she could still call me…she didn’t so I guess she’s on holiday.

OK  It’s bad business to do stuff for free as they say. But I’d be pleased to know how much profit you’d need to make to match the feeling that her kids will get when Mum appears on the beach unexpectedly.

We’ll get you flying …that’s our promise


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