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How Captain Keith helped …

Back home after a lovely but long journey to Tresco in Scilly Isles!

Flying from Dublin with Ryan Air on the outward journey I was sitting at the window over the wing.

I was amazed once again how much the explanations given by Captain Keith on video and in book form help me understand what goes on during a flight and be more relaxed. I could see the movement of the wing flaps at different times and especially when the plane landed and the flaps opened up totally. Before I would have been absolutely terrified.

The return journey was clear and I could see out all the way which I enjoy also as it makes it more real – I am just sorry I do not have the flight path in front of me and know where we are flying over. The helicopter flight from Penzance to Tresco was a totally new experience and the outward journey was a beautiful sunny afternoon so I got some lovely photos from the air. My next trip is a flight to Jersey in September!

Lena got her help and support from our community at LOGBOOK 24/7


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