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Personal help with your fear of flying

Here are some posts from our fear of flying community.

They tell a fabulous but not unusual story.

15th MAY

“Hi all, I’ m new to the site but desperate for comforting advice.

I was due to fly from Birmingham to T on sunday  with my husband, children and my parents. At the airport I was managing very well at one point i got excited which is very unusual for me, anyway once we were at the gate I freaked panic attacked kicked in and I was a mess.  As you’ll see I wrote I  WAS DUE to fly out,  I didnt make it I couldnt get onto the plane I just ran until I was outside the airport. My husband and my children (and all my belongings) are now in T.

I have booked myself a new flight because im desperate to get there to my childrenI’ve never been apart from them this long and it’s heartbreaking. I’m due to fly out 1st thing tomorrow (16th) morning and can’t shake my fear. have had a bad experience with turbulence in the past so I hate turbulance Ihate take off I hate cruising but I love landing! I’ m getting the flight on my own and the main question that runs through my head is: if turbulance isn’t dangerous why does the pilot tell us to put our seatbelt on, after all it is only a lap belt and doesn’t stop us shaking around.

Any advice or help would be much appriciated I need to see my children!


We exchanged some messages on the forum, and then I invited K to phone me. By the way there is no charge for chatting to me like this.


16th MAY

Firstly thank you Captain Keith for our phone call today your words are stuck in my head. I have downloaded your book onto my kindle on my phone so once im allowed i will be reading it on the flight. Have already read a lot of it and it has answered a lot of questions I had.

Secondly I just wanted to mention about a program I  am currently watching on itv called nature’s fury-hurricane. During the documentary you see the gentleman recording the documentary tell us he is about to go on a flight with the ‘hurricane hunters’ while on the flight he records the pilots and the controls and also out of the window. I was absolutly fascinated by this;  you hear the pilot say ‘get ready it could get abit bumpy here’ because they are about to fly over the hurricane, the pilot in full control no warning sounds and of course they are safe (this was very comfortin I have played it back a few times) then you see outside the plane and the engine seems to be shaking alot (to be expected in those winds) but the wing looks like its barely moving. Very fasinating to watch.

I understand that story about a tv programme may seem pointless but it made me say to myself ‘well if they can do that and come out fine the other side then I  should be ok’ because I know that on a passsenger plane we are not going to fly over a hurricane like them.

I will be thinking about that when we get turbulance on my flight tomorrow.

Thank you again Captain Keith and I will be in touch after my holiday.


28 th MAY

Hi Captain Keith, i’m back from my fantastic holiday with my children!

When we spoke on the phone you asked about my fear where number 1 is absolutly fine  and where 10 is  petrified;  I was most definatly a 10 so you told me to aim for an 8 on my flight out.  Well I was no more than a 4!

For the first time in my life I  actually enjoyed flying.

I still don’t know how I  managed it but I did,  and was so proud of myself. I actually took pictures on my phone out of the window ( I didnt realise just how beautiful it was). During the very little turbulence that we had I was constantly telling myself ‘uncomfortable not dangerous’ and it worked.

On my flight home it was a night time flight and there was a short delay because the plane needed a new speedometer fitted, normally this would make me freak out and cry but I managed to stay calm. A lot more turbulence on this flight and I was a bit shakey at times but I actually managed to get up and walk on the plane and use the toilet, I have never done either before and never dreamed I ever would. I have downloaded your book on my kindle and it has been an amazing help.

I know I’m not completly cured but I know future flights will be a lot less stress on me and my family with your book to hand I  know I’ll be fine.

Thank you Captain Keith.

K is a member of our fear of flying community…why not join her and change your life too!



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Kerrie May 30, 2012 at 12:16 am

K sounds exactly like me!!! I hate take off, cruising and turbulence but I absolutely love landing, no matter how bumpy it might be {coming in sideways at Wellington airport in New Zealand, known for it’s windy runway, not a problem!}

My problem is that I feel like as we reach height in the take off the plane is suddenly going to go crashing down – like on a rollercoaster when the ride climbs then drops down. I also have a real fear that when it is turbulent the pilots are actually in the cockpit freaking out and mayday-calling for help, etc but just not telling us passengers! Crazy, I know :(

I take sedatives now when I fly and for a long time they really helped, but since a particularly bumpy flight a few years ago I feel like even the sedatives aren’t working!!!!! Especially on a couple of recent flights I took, I was almost crying as I stepped onto the plane.

Having read K’s messages on here though I am going to download the book to my iPad and start reading!!! I am inspired by K’s success and I’m looking forward to being an ok flier and am SO pleased I found this website!


Ivka June 3, 2012 at 8:51 pm

Hi everyone! I haven’t been on this site for a while but am preparing for a long flight from Sydney, Australia to Paris! The big butterflies have set in and I am needing reassurance from all the stories people are sharing and Captain Keith’s great advice!

LIke Kerrie, I hate that sense of being up in the air and of course the turbulence. My husband and I actually took a flight to Melbourne (1hr, 15min) 2 weeks ago and we did cope OK, but the long haul flight will be more of a challenge. I will also try to get some sedatives so that I can get some sleep but I know that I also need to adress my fears and try to get through the next 3 weeks not freaking out about what should be an exciting holiday for the 2 of us!

Any advice will be much appreciated!

Ta, Ivka

Phoebe June 6, 2012 at 8:25 pm

Hi Ivka

Did you read my post when I went to Australia from UK? If not have a read it might just help

Stay positive :)

LuCkye August 13, 2012 at 9:36 pm

You’ll have to go through cumstos in Chicago, but don’t worry, you won’t have a choice. You will deplane in the cumstos area and just follow the other people. It’s not like a domestic flight where you can just get off the plane and walk away, you will be guided through cumstos.

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