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Fear of Flying… going, going…

Well we are back from our trip to Orlando and thanks to this Site and Captain Keith…

Overcome your fear of flying

I have flown for the first time in a long time with no tears and panic!

I really found it helped to have more knowledge of all the noises and things that were happening during take off and didnt grip onto the seat rests as if my life depended on it! Had a slight wobble at both landings but kept shouting at myself to stop it and kept telling myself how safe it was to be in a plane!

I found it really helped having the children with me and even managed to be happy and reassuring to them! My eldest had really bad ear pain when landing in Orlando so had to focus on him which took my mind off things also! I can honestly say I didnt think about crashing once when in the past that is all I could think of. We had no turbulence either way and both flights were shorter than they were supposed to be.

We are already talking about going again next year and this time I won’t worry about the flight and just look forward to the holiday!

When I spoke to you Keith you said I should aim for a 7 on my fear level it was less than that I think I probably got to that 4 I said I wanted!

Thank you so much!


B phoned me a few days before she flew and it seemed unlikely that she was going to take here flight…the call cost her nothing other than the standard rate charges.We’re here to help you overcome your fear of flying.

01420 588 628   No other site  will give you such useful help free of charge


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