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I managed a 12 hour flight to Kuala Lumpur!

Dear keith,

I don’t know whether you remember me, but I was on the ground course in the middle of november last year.

I found the day exhausting. had never attended any course of any type before. I didn’t want to confront my fear of flying.

Even when someone mentioned going on holiday where flying was involved I became nervous. but a situation arose for me when my son ( who now lives in XXX ) and his girlfriend decided to get married in XXXX. this was it. i knew that this was now the time to confront this fear. if i wanted to see my son in the future and attend what was one of the most important days of his life I had to do something about it. hence the reason for attending your course.

It was a long day emotionally. I was nervous and tearful and by the end of the day, as I said , totally exhausted. but I thoroughly enjoyed ( is that the right word? ) the experience. You were so helpful, calm and professional and answered all the scenarios thrown at you. But on the drive home I was in such a heightened state of anxiety I still thought i’d never be able to fly

Well Keith I’m very happy to report that I did manage to get to my son’s wedding in Malaysia. and had the most wonderful experience. and most importantly, my son was over the moon that I’d made it.

I did struggle for a few months after the course. it seemed that I couldn’t think about anything else but flying. but I kept reminding myself of all those scenarios we discussed and your answers and by the time I was preparing to go to Malaysia I was calm

With the help and company of a few friends, a little bit of medication and your advice ringing in my ears I managed a 12 hour flight to Kuala Lumpur and a further flight of 2.30 hours to get to my destination. And of course the return journey.


I can’t thank you enough.




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