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The average Fear of Flying person

Even though something like 40% of the population is anxious about flying…

the average fearful flyer thinks they are very rare.

It’s almost a relief to them to find out that they are not alone and that their fear is far more common than they thought. What other characteristics are there with fearful flyers? They almost always think that their fear of flying is a weakness and that they are silly. Many have had a worrying experience on a plane. Most don’t understand that flying a plane is fairly straightforward and doesn’t need heroic skills.

Many have fought with their fears for many years

Many feel that they are letting down their loved ones. Men usually find it more difficult to deal with their fears …because as they say…men shouldn’t be scared. Most women think they’re being silly and should pull themselves together.

Many feel that they shouldn’t be like it  because they are normally very sensible and have a good job.

What do you have to do to overcome your fear…accept it  then face it.

Captain Keith


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