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Fear of Flying Newsletters

Hi Keith

I just wanted to say that I find your newsletters really useful.

I first contacted you when I flew outside of Europe for the first time to NYC, and I was petrified, but had a quick chat with you on the phone

…and got your book to read (several times!) before the flight, and that helped me immensely.

Each time I fly I always read the book and listen to your CD on my ipod, and check through the forums on your site. Without these resources I would not have been able to have my dream holiday to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos last year, which had 12 different flights over 3 weeks! I won’t say I enjoyed any of them, and I was still nervous before each flight, but I didn’t consider not going – and that is a big achievement for me!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that your  fear of flying newsletters  are much appreciated!

Kind regards    Tracy

Hi Keith,

Just to let you know I am finding the new letters very helpful.

In additional I have plucked up the courage and am travelling to Italy in August with your help.  To be honest feeling slightly nervous, but I know I will be fine, probably a good 50% better than normal if not more.
Regards & best Wishes


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