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New Blog Look

Flying...the safest form of travel.

As you know our main objective is to help you  to overcome your fear of flying.

This keeps us busy enough, however we’ve found time to improve our blog and we hope that you like the new interface/look.

We have included all the previous  the posts since 2007.  At the moment I’m getting to grips with all the facilities the developers have provided and I don’t want to press any buttons that might upset the site! So right now  I’m like a pilot training on a new type of plane.

The Captain (this time it’s the developer) is giving me limited access to the things the site can do, so please don’t think that this is it. We’re going to put articles into groups, allow you to add your comments, have a hi level search facility  and all sorts so this will become a great resource for you to help with your fear of flying. I shall also add a category where you can read my comments on the latest developments in aviation, aspects of training, safety, aircraft and indeed anything you’d like to see here.

The other development we are working on is very very advanced and sophisticated system to help you overcome your fear but nand we have  to keep  it under wraps until it’s fully operational. Meanwhile please continue to enjoy the web site (   and your fear of flying community (LOGBOOK 24/7).




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