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Fear of flying…About pilots

If there’s a single thing that most anxious flyers think, it’s the idea that it’s hard to fly a plane.

Pilots and training

Just a job

It’s not like the movies at all…but nothing  is really like the movies.

Fearful flyers  think that flying a plane is balanced on a knife edge…that if anything were to go wrong then it would be a disaster. Nothing could be further from the truth. There’s no doubt that it’s no more difficult to fly a plane than it is to do many things. I could never be an accountant or an engineer but that doesn’t make accountancy difficult…it’s just not for me.

However when I file my company accounts the whole thing looks bewildering and mysterious, and when the accountant signs them off I feel an enormous sense of relief.  But I’m just one of hundreds of  ‘accounts’ that he deals with. I get the feeling that as my financial year ends, that the accountants ‘s whole life is directed to my pile of invoices and receipts. I feel worried because I dion’t understand. I don’t know that if I put something in expenses and it should be in ‘write downs’ or whatever he calls it that I won’t be sent to prison  he just puts it in another column.

It doesn’t worry him…but it scares the life out of me!

And that’s just how fearful flyers think. Is the pilot prepared for MY flight, does he/she know the route. Has he checked the weather …is the runway long enough…what about the fuel? So what I want you to do is imagine that you are describing your job to someone who is nervous about what you. I’m sure  you’d make it simple, routine and straightforward. Imagine though how someone would describe what you do…they’d see it as difficult and complicated and needing a lot of skill and knowledge.  And if there’s a perceived element of danger on what you do…their mind and thoughts could go anywhere. And that’s probably what you do when you think about flying.  You think difficult and dangerous. I think routine and rewarding.

Remember, I didn’t pay anymore for life insurance because of my job, my children didn’t say ” Please come home safely Daddy”, they didn’t jump up and down because I was home ‘safely’ it was just dad home from work. And here are some things pilots do.

Lose the car keys, forget their wedding anniversary, lose their shopping list, watch soap operas on the telly, get grumpy when their team loses, forget to put the rubbish bins out…

Ordinary people doing a very priveleged job. That’s all.


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