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Emergency Landing

There has been a lot of ill informed talk about the recent evacuation that happened at Gatwick recently.

The cabin crew are supposed to shout instructions.

and the reason they have to do that is that many passengers would stay where they are on the plane and wait until someone explained in words of one syllable that they were in danger and should get off the plane. I have written else where that it’s most unlikely that the majority of passengers had listened to the crew safety briefing before the plane took off and even fewer would have bothered to read the safety card. It’s hardly surporising then that it all came as a surprise to them.

I doubt if the passengers would like the pilots to disregard safety procedures and ‘not bother’. Somehow there seems to be  an attitude that the crew should look after them True of course but we have a personal responsibility to look after ourselves and our dependants. And that means reading the safety card and listening to the crew briefings. I bet when the passengers got on their next flight they listened very carefully.

As for the reports of a barbeque smell…an airport is full of planes with engines running…the smell of exhaust fumes is not uncommon…and on the plane they left the APU would have been running. So many facts omitted, so many items of guesswork and speculation reported.

MInimise your fear of things like this with the facts.

Captain Keith


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