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Air safety…not a reason for fear

There was a lot of uninformed comment about the evacuation of a plane at London’s Gatwick airport this week.

The fact is that the crew are trained to shout at the passengers during an emergency

…evacuation of a plane because the passengers respond more appropriately.

You may well think this is wrong but there is an enormous amount of research into passenger behaviour and this is why we have the procedures that we do.  The whole of  the aviation industry works within a safety culture of which,  to any of us involved , is  rightly very proud. The landing was described as an emergency…the ’emergency’ if there really was one …was the electrical problem not the landing. It is always very straightforward to land a plane and few pilots would describe that part as an emergency.

An expeditious landing was needed, nothing else. The crew seemed to have done everything by the book. Your fear of flying shouldn’t be made worse by this! In fact it should be lessened shouldn’t it?

Captain K


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