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Egypt, Lanzarote, Turkey, Holy Land,

Hi Captain Keith,

Overcome your fear of flying with us

Great Views!

Its been a long time since I have posted anything on this site, for that I apologise because…

without you, your team and all who contribute to the network, I wouldn’t be flying…

and I would have missed a lot of great holidays. I have been to Turkey, we went to Egypt to cruise the Nile, last year we cruised around Egypt and the Holy Land and in December we went to Lanzarote.  Don’t get me wrong I can still get nervous when flying especially when coming into land, but nothing stops me flying now, I even sit at the window seat now and enjoy the great views.


The fact is we don’t mind if you don’t say how you’re doing because some people like to draw a line under their fear and want to forget everything about when they were fearful flyers…what works for you is the most important thing.


H is one of the very first members of our fear of flying community LOGBOOK24/7


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