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“…certainly opened my world up.”

Hi Keith

Overcome your fear of flying

Just was touching base after a period of time,

as I find myself a bit apprehensive about flying to JFK from LHR on Thursday,

A and I are flying back to the States to share Thanksgiving with my family in New York.

I also like to touch back for reinforcement – and I’ve gotten the CDs and book ready for my flight – the ones I purchased from your site. They were excellent and I’ve leant them out to many people over the years, who are looking to purchase some very soon – my sister being one of them.

We’re flying with BA who, I feel, is one of the safest airlines around. I’m sure you’ll concur! ;) I won’t fly on an American carrier, as I feel you literally have a target on your back and I just feel safer on a foreign carrier, although BA is now my “home carrier”, as I live here in the UK.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and to congratulate you on the ever evolving and growing membership for your site – it is truly a wonderful resource and I know it has certainly opened my world up.



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