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I’m on Holiday in Cuba

Hi Keith,

It’s been a long while since we last talked, true.

But I’m still following your newsletters and visiting your website from time to time!

When you sent me your email , I actually was on holidays and guess where? At Cuba!

So you can imagine it was a really long flight, but I managed very successfully. I really think that I either have completely overcome my fears or at least have made significant success at this uneasy path. My last (for now) flight, however, happened in the beginning of June – since that time I cancelled all my trips as I am pregnant and would not like to risk even if the risk is minimal. So I will only be able to confirm (or not… – but let’s hope for the best!) that I’m absolutely fine with flying in a year maybe, not earlier. But this is a different stage of my life and something (like travels) has to be sacrificed…

I hope things are going well at your end!


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