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I did it!

Hi Captain Keith,

Well, I DID IT!!! I actually got on my scheduled flight to Arizona!

 I was extremely nervous, scared an d anxious especially for the return trip as the weather reports were showing rain, snow and heavy fog.

I ordered your book but have not gotten it yet, so I followed many of your instructions and watched the video help  on your website instead.
I particularly found the fear of flying turbulence video  to be very helpful, and there was plenty of turbulence on the return flight to NY.

I actually imagined that YOU were flying my plane and in a very strange way that made me feel safe and comfortable. I used visualization techniques before I even got to the airport and in my mind I saw myself very relaxed and safe in the airport, while boarding the plane and once in the air. I used calming relaxation music and when the turbulence became really bad I thought of what you said when describing two river currents meeting together and how that would create the sensation of a back and forth flow, or rocking feeling while being in a boat or canoe.  I never could have gotten on that plane if I hadn’t connect with you, and for this I am forever grateful. I still have a way to go, but the confidence I feel now that I conquered my fear gives me the strength to keep going. I couldn’t wait to email you to tell you that I did it!

Thank You Captain Keith,

Blair :)

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